Clandestine Mimic – Sex Toy of the Year

The Mimic luxury vibrator has been named Cosmopolitan’s “Sex Toy of the Month” as well as one of the most popular vibrators reviewed by experts, according to Marie Claire magazine. With all the hype, you can see why it was awarded “New product of the year” by the industries very own magazine, StorErotica.

As a sex toy aficionado, I pride myself on trying the new latest and greatest toy out on the market. After all, I am a retail toy buyer in the adult industry, so having first-hand experience is key! As one can imagine, I am able to get my hands on these products quite frequently. Once I heard about Jules Jordan coming out with a toy line, I was intrigued.

Jules Jordan has always been a go to DVD production company that I would lean towards when customers asked for my opinion regarding a “good” DVD. So once the Clandestine Devices’ Mimic launched, I was excited to carry them in store. They are so innovative, discreet and powerful.

USB Rechargeable
Clandestine Mimic Seafoam
Over 90 minutes of power from a single charge
100% Submersible
Clandestine Mimic Lilac
Take your pleasure to new depths
Whisper Quiet
Clandestine Mimic Black
Your secret to keep… or share

Here’s Why
The design alone is so eye catching. This little piece of orgasm heaven looks just like a little sting ray! Don’t get me wrong, this is not an E-stim product but it sure does stimulate all the erotic zones in a ravishing way. With its sleek design, this toy is ergonomic and fits in the palm of your hand for effortless pleasure. The mimic is whisper quiet, rechargeable and waterproof. In my opinion, one of the best traits of this toy is it does not look like a vibrator. Plenty of consumers have little ones running around who love to get into things. Thankfully, the Mimic has such a unique design that even if it is found with virgin eyes, it’s not obvious as to what it is.

Not only is this toy great for solo play, it can be used as a couple’s toy as well. This is a great toy to introduce into the bedroom since it’s not only powerful and quiet, it’s not likely to be intimidating to men or women who are new to bedroom toys. Explore each other’s erogenous zones for a more exhilarating bedroom experience for both.

Travel friendly
This toy is equipped with a travel lock, so rest assured this little pleasure device won’t be making any debut’s in your luggage while traveling. The fact that the Mimic is rechargeable is an awesome benefit. You never have to worry about batteries! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten batteries when traveling with a battery-operated toy. Yes, you can go out and buy batteries, but when you’re “in the mood,” the last thing you really want to do is go fetch some batteries from the store. Always be sure to charge your Mimic before you depart on your adventure!

All about price
The mimic is definitely considered a high-end toy. In my opinion, this toy may not be for a first-time toy buyer since the price is a little steep. The Clandestine Mimic retails for $119.99. By all means, if some one is a beginner and wants to buy this toy feel free to indulge, but the last thing anyone wants to feel is buyer’s remorse. The toy does come with 1-year warranty on all manufacturer defects. If for whatever reason, your toy stops working, or working properly, the manufacturer will replace your Mimic at no charge. Be sure to keep your proof of purchase though.

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