When it comes to intimate products, there is rarely such a thing as satisfaction guaranteed.

The majority of our negative reviews have come due to our no return/exchange policy. While most of our customers understand why we don't take back returns, we still wanted to come up with a way to meet our customers in the middle. This is where the Love Your Vibe program was born.

Even as Love Boutique employees battery test and demonstrate the proper usage and available functions of every toy before you take the toy home, we recognize that every customer is taking a chance, as even a perfectly functioning toy may not bring you the experience you were hoping for.

Whether your toy breaks a little or breaks a lot, or if it simply does not hit the right spot, our Love Your Vibe program invites you to return to our store — within 7 days of purchase and with the original receipt — to apply 50% of the purchase price of the faulty or underwhelming product to any new toy of your choosing.

Please — you must leave the original toy at home. We encourage you to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty and receive a replacement or reimbursement through them. All we need is your receipt, and you can enjoy our 50% exchange and the manufacturer’s promise of resolution.

There’s no need to have a disappointing experience with products built for pleasure. If you, for example, buy a toy worth $100 and it doesn’t live up to expectations, come back within 7 days with just the receipt and receive $50 off your next toy purchase —


*Love Your Vibe Program begins 12/1/2019

1. You must be a member of our Loyalty Program, as Love Your Vibe purchases will be tracked via your Loyalty phone number. You can sign up at anytime in-store.

2. Original Receipt is required.

3. Love Your Vibe purchase must be made within 7 days of the original purchase.

4. DO NOT bring back the original toy. Working or not.

5. Applies to toys only. Vibrating and Non Vibrating.

6. Love Your Vibe purchases do not qualify for a second Love Your Vibe offer.

7. Love Your Vibe purchases do not qualify for additional loyalty points.

8. Love Your Vibe replacement toy must be of equal to or greater value than the original toy.

9. This is a 1 for 1 swap. Multiple items can not be purchased to replace 1 toy.

10. No additional discounts can be used in conjunction with LYV purchases.

11. Love Your Vibe purchases are limited to 1 per customer per calendar month.

12. The Love Your Vibe program can be refused at anytime if the manager thinks fraud may be going on.

13. The Love Your Vibe program may be discontinued at anytime.